Sep 15

Pay Your Dues Here


Student membership $10

Annual Membership $24

Annual Supporting Membership $50

Two Person/Dual Membership $36

Two Person/Dual Supporting Membership $75

Just Click on Application to fill it out and then submit it

or print it out and mail it to us at:

P.O.Box 1271 Joshua Tree Ca, 92252

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Sep 15

Power Breakfast & Membership Meeting

Our monthly meetings are held the second Saturday of the month at Bruce’s Coyote Kitchen located inside of the Copper Mountain College, 6162 Rotary Way, Joshua Tree, California.

  • Follow the club signs from the traffic light at Rotary Way & Hwy 62 at entrance to Copper Mountain College.
  • There is plenty of free parking.
  • Network, fellowship, and enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet begin at 9 AM (only $10.00 per person).
  • The regular meeting starts at 10 AM .

The meeting is open to all registered Democrats and others with democratic ideals.  Working families, teachers, health care workers, county employees, and laborers in every field are encouraged to attend.

If you want something discussed at the meeting, all we ask is for you to send an email a week in advance to  Our Executive Board would be glad to evaluate any and all suggestions.

Sep 19

MB Dems are now on Twitter

The Morongo Basin Democratic Club is now on Twitter!

Please follow us @MBDems on Twitter or visit the web version at

We will keep you up to date on club news and events, and keep you up to date on issues important to our area and our party.  Join the conversation!

Sep 19

MB Dems Letter to the Morongo Basin on the Confederate Flag

The following letter from the Morongo Basin Democratic Club was recently published in the Hi Desert Star.


To Our Neighbors in the Morongo Basin:
In light of the racially charged violence and chaos in Charlottesville, we’ve all been forced to take a long hard look at ourselves and our communities. Luckily we have not had to confront neo-Nazi marches here in our own backyard, but there is one issue that needs to be addressed: the confederate battle flag.
Before we get too far into this, let it be said no one is questioning your right to fly the flag or express your views. Freedom of expression is at the very heart of the American experiment. However, America, and the values it stands for, is at the very heart of this debate.
The confederate battle flag was born during the American civil war, when the southern states seceded from the union and founded the Confederate States of America. The flag represents a time when half the country was in open rebellion against the other half, and human beings were bought and sold as a commodity. While some families with roots in the South may have ancestors who fought in the war, the root cause of the war cannot be swept under the rug. This is not a time in our collective history to be proud of. We must learn its lessons lest we be doomed to repeat them. The confederate battle flag is a symbol of this disgraceful period in our collective past. It represents divisiveness and inhuman levels of racial inequality not seen since that bloody war that nearly destroyed this nation. It is a symbol of bigotry, hatred, and as we saw in Charlottesville, is often flown in concert with the Nazi flag. Its display alongside the swastika is intended to strike fear in the hearts of those who see it.
Today, there are a number of these flags displayed throughout the Morongo Basin. They are hoisted from flagpoles in yards, on bumper stickers, on t-shirts, and elsewhere in our community.
We ask you, as fellow Americans and as your neighbors, to think about what the flag represents, and then, in the spirit of decency and our shared American values, to take the flag down. This is an appeal to think of your fellow Americans and to help make it just a bit easier for us to all live together in this great nation.
With respect, 
The Morongo Basin Democratic Club

Sep 19

MB Dems pass resolution against racism

At the September 9th General Meeting, the Morongo Basin Democratic Club unanimously approved the following resolution against racism:


Whereas, racism, religious discrimination, homophobia and misogyny are contrary to American values; and,

Whereas, intolerance in all its forms has been shown to be learned behavior; and,

Whereas, it has been shown that racism and hate harm the emotional and physical health of both the victims and perpetrators.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Morongo Basin Democratic Club challenge laws, policies, and traditions that propagate, influence and support racism, bigotry and discrimination.

Be it further resolved that individually we commit ourselves to speaking up and out whenever racism, discrimination, homophobia or misogyny is present.


Sep 15

Welcome to the Morongo Basin Democratic Club (MB Dems)

The great people who make up the Morongo Basin Democratic Party are the champions of working families in every city and township throughout our Basin. Please join us with your activism, your membership, your votes, and your voice as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Democratic  Governor Jerry Brown, our Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein, and the Democratic supermajorities in the State Assembly and State Senate. We are committed to advancing a progressive agenda through grassroots lobbying of local, state, and federal officials. Please feel free to browse our site and join our efforts!